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Who Is Michael S Brown?

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Michael S. Brown has been in sales and marketing with over 10 years experience.  In 2007 he turned his passion to online marketing.
Along with owning and operating several profitable websites, Michael also runs a highly successful Internet Marketing Business from the comfort of his own home in Howard, Ohio.
Through counseling and Michael's products he has now helped over 25,000 thousand people learn how to make money online!

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I use Facebook more than I use Twitter!  I rarely use Twitter so the best way to connect is to contact me on Facebook!
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Feel free to read and learn any additional information I have listed on the site!  I try to put out at least 1-2 blog posts  per month.  Sometimes I put out less, but typically I get new info out as much as possible.

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Unleashing Your Success

Unleashing Your Success

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